Disable Email Server

May 6, 2019 May 6, 2019
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Stop emails to be sent by osclass script or create a blacklist with users that will not receive emails sent by your server. A plugin that is useful when you make tests on your site and you don't want that your user to receive the emails or you have an issue with one of your users and you want to stop the emails sent to that specific user.

You have the option to block all emails sent but to create a whitelist with the users that will still receive emails and other option where you just create a blacklist with all the emails that will not receive any email from your site.

All the emails need to be separated by a comma, and the list refers to the received email address, not to the sender email address. All the emails are sent by your server so the sender will be your email address set in the mail server settings or the email from your hosting provider if you leave the settings blank.

The scope of use!

You can have a backup of your site stored on localhost and you make all the changes on localhost before you upload on live server. This will prevent any email send to your users from your local server if the copy contains all the information from the live server.

Any other situation when you don't want to send email to users but the email server needs to up and running for your admin or for a specific user.


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