Required Images Osclass

April 2, 2019 April 2, 2019
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Make the images required on publishing and edit item with Cbk Required Images plugin for Osclass. Now you can force the users to add images on items if they want to sell products or services on your site.

This plugin will allow you to set:

  • required images on post and edit item;

  • required images base on the category;

  • minimum of the images for each category;

  • deactivate required image on edit item;

You can force images only in a specific category and leave the posting in another category without images on listings. The field to set the minimum images can be left empty and the user will be forced to post at least one image and if a number is passed in the filed the user is forced to post at least that number of images on the specific category.

On edit, the plugin will count the existing images and the new images added and if this sum is smaller than the value set for the item category the user cannot edit the item and a warning message is displayed with the number of the images that are required to be uploaded to reach the minimum number for that category. The sum is made from the already uploaded images and from the new images that will be upload on the current edit step. This option is useful on old items that were published before the installation of this plugin.

You have to take notice when you set the minimum number of images on category, the number cannot be higher than the maximum number of images on items, set in the Listings settings from Osclass.



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