Premium Osclass Theme Ema

March 28, 2018 March 9, 2019
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Ema is an advanced theme for osclass with 2 sliders on the front page one for premium ads and one for latest ads, each slide has settings option in the admin panel, and in the main slider, you can include premium ads, ads only with image and much more settings.

With this theme, you don't have to use a cookie plugin because the theme has included an option to show a warning message with your text set from the admin panel, which alert user about cookie used on this site.

Users have the option to set the avatar without any plugin needed, this option is included in the theme and the avatar will be shown on the top bar menu, item page, and public profile page.

Other option:

Set categories image from admin panel;

Promo widget where you can include your promotions, this widget floats only in the main page or in all pages;

Color settings for header, footer, background body, publish button, link, and title of the site;

Set number of premium ads in search page;

Option to display popular ads in the sidebar of search page;

Show info text in publish page for each fields, this text is set from admin panel;

Show the next add on item page;

Show seller latest ads in item page;

Settings for seller latest ads to show only ads with pictures, and to set a number of ads;

Set number of related ads;

Hide or show useful information from the item page;

Set title of categories and pages from footer widget;

Widget social in the footer for facebook like box;

Set copyrights text in the footer;

User menu in drop down, with the profile picture.

Image on categories from the homepage.

Most popular ads on home page.

Count characters on publish page for title and description.

Check box with terms and conditions, and with a pop-up window if the box is not checked.
User image on the item page.

User ads, and next user ads link in the item page.

Related ads in the item page.

Option for user to set the picture on profile in user dashboard.

Cookie bar winch warn the user that this site use cokie.


Custom work it not included in the price of the product. The customer has the obligation to inform himself about all the aspect of this product before purchase. If the customer has any question about this product, can ask the question in the question system. All the complains or assumptions that the product will work in other way that is presented in the discription will not be accepted after the purchase it made.


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