CBK Osclass Premium Theme

September 6, 2018 March 24, 2019
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Cbk is a responsive theme for osclass based on Bootstrap 4 framework with multiple options and beautifully designed interface, a perfect solution for your classifieds site.


  1. Responsive design

  2. Clean style

  3. Pop-up selection with city search for the location in home search

  4. Premium ads slider

  5. Pop-up preview on images for each ad

  6. Zoom image on item hover

  7. Intuitive categories on the search page

  8. Filter by company and user on the search

  9. List or Gallery display on the search page

  10. Other searches

  11. Dropdown or input on location for publish page

  12. Compact style for item page

  13. Share on social networks included

  14. Print option

  15. Related listings

  16. Call and send SMS for mobile

  17. Modern style for public profile page

  18. Modern menu for mobile devices

  19. Useful information in user dashboard

  20. Nr. of ads

  21. Nr. of views for ads

  22. Profile status

  23. Multiple areas for Adsense ads

  24. Multiple settings for admin

  25. Contact information in footer

  26. Lines for plugins developed by us are included in the theme

  27. Color scheme from admin panel to change the colors on the theme

  28. Sort Cities from home search by items or name

For media upload on items, you need to activate Force aspect in media settings, to avoid white background on images

Osclass premium themeMobile ready

Osclass premium theme responsive Responsive

Osclass premium theme responsive        User stats

Custom work is not included in the price of the product. The customer has the obligation to inform himself about all the aspect of this product before purchase. If the customer has any question about this product, can ask the question in the question system. All the complains or assumptions that the product will work in another way that is presented in the description will not be accepted after the purchase is made.

Very good by Antal Attila, September 11, 2018

Recommand !

by placing my region I do not find my city only after confirming the profile by Cledson, November 13, 2018

Good Morning! I have a problem if you can help me thanks, the problem is when a new user registers an account he places the region below when he will put the name of the city does not appear, other cities of different regions appear, more when agent leaves the name of the city in white and confirms the profile of the account there appears the name of the cities of that region I put the location and the language is Portuguese of Brazil I did everything right but this appears this error. This is my site https://----.com/

Excellent by Bill, February 11, 2019

really nice...!!

CBK Osclass Premium Theme by rehan, July 27, 2020

This theme is super good.
every good with the mobile devices
i highly recommend this theme

Cledson October 25, 2018

bom dia amigo gostaria de saber se esse tema cbk tem a opção para o idioma português br

calinbehtuk Author October 25, 2018

Olá não está traduzido 100%, cerca de 80%, mas você pode usar poedit para traduzir o resto. Traduz facilmente.

Cledson October 26, 2018

ok amigo vou compra esse tema, depois faça mais vídeos gosto do seu canal do yuotube

calinbehtuk Author October 26, 2018

Eu não entendi a última pergunta, você pode escrever em inglês?

Cledson October 26, 2018

I said I like your youtube channel.

Cledson October 30, 2018

Does this theme have the option of placing the states and cities of Brazil?

calinbehtuk Author October 30, 2018

You can add country from osclass not from theme.

Cledson November 17, 2018

Good morning, do you know, tell us the acronym of instagram? for me power puts in the icon of the social network

Cledson January 9, 2019

hello, good morning my site is 90% ready I would like to change the color from gray to orange if possible make a video explaining and also like to stick in the ads the time it was published I will be grateful. https://----------

calinbehtuk Author January 9, 2019


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