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November 19, 2019 November 19, 2019
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Allow your users to login with the phone number, if the number is set in the user account and to revalidate the number if it changed in the user account.

This plugin will use the RingCaptcha services, for more information about the prices consult In the price of this plugin is not included any free SMS, is possible to receive some free SMS for tests(500SMS).

Some additional changes need to be done in your theme to include the login with SMS button/link, this change can be different base on the theme that you use. 

The login widget can be displayed on all pages if you select to include the assets in all pages, and add the correct id in the link/button(the steps are presented in the help page).

User can log in with the phone number if the user phone is set in the account, the phone format need to be with the country code included in the cell phone filed.

If the revalidation option is activated, the plugin will force the user to revalidate his phone number if the number is changed and only after validation, the phone number will be changed in the user account. This option is available only for cell phone field.

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