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March 27, 2018 March 9, 2019
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Osclass avatar plugin for user profile picture image, and admin stats with the number of avatar images set in this plugin. Keep track of how many users have an avatar set and how many don't have a profile picture set.


This plugin has options for:

– you can store the avatar in 3 sizes to fit your needs;

– set the maximum size allows for upload an avatar;

– change your default avatar;

– auto embed the plugin in themes which have on base bender theme and if the proper hooks are in the theme files;

– you can set a custom style from plugin setting just by including the style there, this will be helpful on update and you don't have to edit the files from plugin or theme;

– the plugin display some stats in the plugin settings page, to track the usage of this plugin and how many users use the plugin to set an avatar for their profile;

– the avatar can be edited by the administrator of the site;

– new column in the user table which will show for each user the avatar;

You have the full documentation on how to implement the plugin with your theme and some examples in the help page from this plugin.



Custom work is not included in the price of the product. The customer has the obligation to inform himself about all the aspect of this product before purchase. If the customer has any question about this product, can ask the question in the question system. All the complains or assumptions that the product will work in another way that is presented in the description will not be accepted after the purchase is made.

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