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January 17, 2019 January 19, 2020
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Cbk Referral plugin for Osclass will give your users credit for each new member brought on your site. This plugin will increase your site popularity by offering revenue to your users that can be used to promote ads.

Cbk Referral plugin will offer each user a link to share to his friends, and every new account created with the link will give the user one credit.

Options for users:

  • a referral link;

  • user will see every account created with his link in user dashboard;

  • status of each account, active, inactive or use of that specific referral was used to promote an ad.

  • chart with the last 10 days activity that will contain active accounts and inactive account;

  • user credit and a simple representation in percentage if the user has an available promotion;

  • the last action of the user, if the user already use credit to promote an ad;

  • a page with user items from where the user can promote the item;

  • a page with user history, every promote of the user and how much credit they spend for each promotes;

  • user can withdraw the credit as money;

  • the withdraw is made by the admin in account specified by user;

Options for admin:

  • set the number of credit needed for each promote;

  • delete inactive records with cron;

  • color scheme for buttons and badges, available from admin to match theme colors;

  • table with referrals and option to delete, search, activate, deactivate and see referrals for individuals users;

  • table with promote history and option to delete this logs;

  • table with withdrawal requests;

  • options to allow or not withdraw for credit;

  • options to add fields for withdrawal info;

  • option to set the minimum amount that can be withdrawn;

  • option to set the currency name for withdrawing;

  • option to set the exchange rate for 1 Euro( or other currency), how many credits are necessary for 1(Euro) withdrawal amount;

Now you can increase your site traffic by attracting new users and reward your existing users for promoting your site. A free promote for your site made by your users.

Note the withdrawal is made manually by the admin in user account, this account can be a paypal account or bank account. The admin will add some extra fields in user account, fields that will contain the withdrawal information. The admin will transfer the amount manually in the account of the user. This plugin will not make any transfer, the plugin only allows to set the transfer information.


Satryo May 6, 2021

is this referral plugin compatible to osclass Alpha themes ? Thank you

calinbehtuk Author May 6, 2021

Sorry but i don't have that theme to test, is possible that you have to add some custom style.

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