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December 28, 2018 March 16, 2019
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Cbk tool is a plugin for Osclass that will make your life much easier.

Available options:

  • Cron details and run cron;

  • Read the PHP debug file directly from admin;

  • Test the email server;

  • Edit the files from the root folder, and navigate in all the folders from your site;

  • Auto insert items;

  • Last access of users;

  • Read osclass log table directly from admin;

  • Display the values saved in the current session;

  • List all tables from the database with all the data from each table;

  • Limit failed login attempts on oc-admin;

  • Read the server configuration directly from admin, no changes needed on site;

Cron tab

Will display the server time and the 3 types of cron. The last execution, next execution and time remaining until the next execution, for each type. The Run cron now button will run the cron and reset the time. The osclass hooks are included in the functions so all the plugins that are depending of that hook will run.

Debug PHP tab

If php debug log is active on site you will read all error from that file. To activate the debug and save errors in a file follow these steps: Osclass debug PHP errors

Test Email tab

You can test your email server by sending a test email to your email address.

Files Editor tab

Warning! Use this option carefully, you can damage your files and your site will not work. This option allows you to edit any file from your root folder by navigating in subfolders from the left sidebar. You can edit and save files, preview images and navigate in all folder from your site. The path is displayed on the top and you can go back or select a specific folder.

Insert Items tab

You can auto-generate items for testing purposes. Set how many items will be inserted one time and how many images per item. Use a lowe value because this will take some time and can consume resources. The items will have the same info but you can force different text on title and description, and the images will be inserted randomly from 16 available images.

Users Access tab

Will display the access of users in their account in the last 10,20,30,40,50 and 60 days. With filters for each value.

Osclass Logs tab

Will display a list of all the records from log table. In this table are save all the action performed on the site. Like add an item, edit, delete, register and many other actions.

Session Data tab

Will get the session file from the server and display all the values saved in that file for the current session. This is useful when you try different plugin to see if the values are stored in the session correctly.

Database Tables tab

A list of all tables from the site database and all the values stored in each table. You can view all the tables and all the information on each table by selecting the specific table and browse between the records of that table.

Login Attempts tab

A tool for brute force attack on your oc-admin. This option will restrict the number of failed login attempts for each IP. Multiple settings that will reduce the number of attempts and increase the lock time for each IP. Option to reset the records and to notify the admin of too many attempts are made from the same IP. Also a blacklist and white list for IP-s that will allow the block of certain IP-s or ensure that your IP is not blocked. Beside this, a record with the last attempts, to record will contain the attempts until the rest time.

PHP's Configuration tab

List your server information directly in the admin, no extra changes need to be done to display this information.

Latest searches

Get control over the words that are saved in the latest searches table, filter bad words, insert words and see the stats of most searched words.

Mail log tab

Save all emails sent by the script or plugin using osclass email function. In this way, you can see if you have any issue with your email server or if email sare send properly.


Awesome by João Carrolo, March 27, 2020

One more Awesome plugin, work great and a good help to manage an osclass site...

Continue your great JOB

Catalin December 6, 2019

Salut Calin, Exista posibilitatea de a face un scont pentru: Osclass Cbk Tools ? Multumesc frumos pentru raspuns Catalin Bogdan

calinbehtuk Author December 7, 2019

Foloseste acest cod Yl1IsePU

Catalin December 7, 2019

Multumesc Calin, Sarbatori fericite!

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