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March 14, 2019 March 22, 2019
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Seo optimization for Osclass with the best Seo Plugin that will help you to optimize your site for search engines and rank higher in search results. Optimize your meta title and meta description by building new ones with the available keywords in the plugin settings. In this way, you can target more accurate specific search results add more relevant links in Google search.


Customize meta title and meta description for:

  • Home page by adding a new meta title and a new meta description, separate from the meta that is set in Osclass;

  • Search page by changing the default one with multiple options for each search result that will contain only category or region, city, and another type of mixed search results;

  • Item page by using the defined keywords to display your mate title and meta description in your desired way, add or remove elements from title and description;

  • Static pages by changing the default one and using keywords in your text, keywords that will be replaced with the page title and page description;

Create a sitemap for your site that will include:

  • sitemap items and images for items, the system will include the images also so you don't need to use other plugins to create an image sitemap for Osclass;

  • a sitemap for categories that contain items, with all the links for categories;

  • a sitemap for location and city that will contain all the links for regions that have items and for cities that have items;

  • mixed sitemap with category and region, category and city, category region and city;

Edit Osclass robots.txt file and .htaccess file directly from plugin settings no FTP access in need on site. An option that will ease your job if you want to make changes in those files.

The keyword option for meta title and meta description will make the optimization on your site easier when you try to change the title for category, regions, cities, and combination between these elements. You will set a standard text with keywords and those meta keywords will be replaced according to the search.

If you use the keyword {CATEGORY}, this will be replaced with the search category name, and the same for the rest of the elements, the {REGION} will be replaced with region name from search.

In this way, you can change the important meta title and description from Osclass with your own description and have effective SEO for your Osclass site.



Perfect si usor de manevrat by Remulus Coman, March 21, 2019

Perfect, aveam nevoie de asa un plugin, simplu și ușor de manevrat ș pe înțelesul meu, sitemap-urile ma ajuta sa indexez site-ul meu mai bine și mai repede, Bv



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