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June 15, 2019 June 15, 2019
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Free phone verification for your users with Facebook Account Kit Osclass plugin. A verification process for login, register, contact, and publish page. This plugin can serve as a spam verification for your Osclass forms.

Please check the Facebook Account Kit page for more information and for any additional charges that can come with this service or any other limit for API calls or another type of limit. Facebook Account Kit Link

This plugin will include a verification process in Osclass forms(but not in all forms), the phone number has to be entered in the correct format within the verification widget fields. The verification widget will have 2 fields, one form country code and other for the number.

The number has to be entered in that format, any other format is not accepted. The same format will be saved in the user account or in telephone plugin.

A Facebook application needs to be created in the facebook developer dashboard, all the steps are presented in the video.


This plugin can be used for:

  • antispam verification with phone for login form, register form, publish form, site contact form, user contact form, share a friend form;

  • verify and save the phone number on a newly registered user;

  • revalidate the new user phone number if the user chooses to change the number from his account;

  • login only with the phone number, if the user has that phone number set in his account;

  • save the verified phone number in telephone plugin if this plugin is installed and used on the site;

  • revalidate the phone number from telephone plugin on change if the option is activated and the telephone plugin is used;

You have some custom options for style that will make the implementation much easier if you have to add some custom style for your theme. You have some extra settings in the plugin that will block the country code but this settings need to be apply on facebook app also.

Some extra changes need to be done in your theme to include the code that will display the verification widget on the site forms.

The changes are presented in the video but this may differ on another theme, this depends by the theme structure. This plugin may not be compatible with any other plugin that makes a redirect after the form is submitted. In some cases the deactivation of this plugin and the plugin that makes the redirect may help but only if the activation of this plugin is the last. 


fakhreldeen June 17, 2019

hello You can make it compatible with alpha theme https://osclasspoint.com/osclass-themes/general/alpha-osclass-theme_i98

calinbehtuk Author June 17, 2019

Hi! What you mean by compatible? What exactly is not working?

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