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April 30, 2019 May 6, 2019
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Detect user location in osclass using geolocation to make the search by location much more easily with just one click.

Cbk Geolocation plugin will include user location in the form from the search page so the user can select the location detected by the plugin. Users no longer have to select the location, the plugin will auto-detect the location if the visitor allows the access on his location.

You will need an API key for this plugin that will allow you 50000/mo free requests after you reach the limit any other request will not be free. You will have all the information in the plugin settings.

Cbk Geolocation plugin will only work on secure contexts such as HTTPS and is not 100% accurate. This plugin may not be compatible with all the themes or with another map plugin and will display the location only if the city is in the location table from the database.

The location will be detected on the first visit and will be stored until the session is terminated, only one request is made per session to get the visitor location. If the user will not agree with location detection, the plugin will not display any request for the location until the session is terminated.

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