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January 18, 2019 January 18, 2019
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Filter bad words from latest searches in osclass with Cbk Latest Searches plugin for Osclass. This plugin will prevent unwanted searches to be saved in the latest searches table, in this way you will not display the words or the search that you don't want on your site. 

You have the save banned words in the plugin settings, and if the search will contain a banned word the plugin will not allow that search to be saved in database. Some extra option in the plugin to search in saved searches for banned words and delete the records that will contain banned words.

Be aware that the plugin will stop all the phrases that will contain your word.

I buy a book  => book  is a banned word, this phrase will not be saved.

I buy books => books is not a banned word, this phrase will be saved.


So take this in consideration when you save you banned words lists.

Pentru cuvinte obscene, foarte bun plugin by Remulus Coman, February 17, 2019

O idee bună, ca să oprești afișarea cuvintelor obscene căutate pe site, este ușor, simplu și mai poți curăța și baza de date de cuvinte obscene existente. Domnu Calin mulțumim, pentru efortul depus la crearea acestui plugin GRATUIT.

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