Osclass Feedback Plugin

April 25, 2019 April 27, 2019
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Feedback system for your Osclass site, give the option to your customers to leave feedback regarding your services or site, to report any issue or what they love to your site.

This plugin will keep you in touch with the customer's needs and allow you to see how many visitors are pleased with your services.

Feedback plugin has these options available:

  • a modern button for feedback that will float on right;

  • a pop-up widget for feedback;

  • options to select the site rate and leave a message;

  • feedback list for admin;

  • for each feedback option to see the message, reply to message, delete the message and block the user;

  • each feedback rate;

  • manage blocked users;

  • hide the widget;

  • allow only logged users to submit feedback;

  • set after how many minutes from the last feedback the user can submit new feedback;

  • delay the feedback button display;

  • color scheme for widget and button;

  • reply email for users, if the admin will reply to user feedback;

  • notify admin after a number of feedbacks;

This plugin will need footer hook in your theme to display the widget, make sure that this hook is in your theme and if not add this hook.

Each feedback will have multiple information like email, rate, ip, date and multiple options to see, reply delete or block the user. The stats will allow you to see how your site is rated by users and to see if your customers are pleased by your services.

The user can be blocked to submit multiple feedbacks by settings a delay minutes between feedbacks, this option will not allow new feedback only after the number of minutes passes from the last one submitted.


Should have upload image feature by Teurn, May 1, 2019

It so good for plugin , easy to use but can you add upload screenshots feature to plugin.
If User face problem on site then he screenshot it and report to admin by upload to feedback


plugin feedback by Cledson, November 10, 2019

don't download this plugin and I'm your product customer

Cledson November 18, 2019

Osclass Feedback Plugin


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