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March 25, 2018 February 6, 2019
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A necessary plugin for your site to make communication much easy between your sellers and buyers.

You users or seller do not have to be login in order to respond or read a message, they can just reply to the link from the message.

Allow the users to send a message to the seller without registration, and if the seller respond the buyer receive a message on his email.

This plugin allow you:

– send message without registration;

– respond to the message on the link which you receive in the message;

– users which have an account on the site will find the messages in the user dashboard;

– receiver of the message has option to block the sender;

– you can set the maxim size for the attachments and you can’t allow or not attachments;

– recaptcha for forms to avoid spam;

– auto delete inactive messages;

– custom style;

– moderate blocked users;

– notify admin if a user is blocked;

- allow users to allow messages on item or not;

- new html email templates used to notify users;

helpers to:

- show number of unread ads in your desired area in your theme for login users;

- to include a link to send message for each item on search page or main page;

- pop-up for display the number of unread messages;

Installation of this plugin is easy and you only have to add a line in the item.php file from your theme, or item-sidebar.php this depends of the theme you ar using.



Custom work it not included in the price of product. The customer has the obligation to inform himself about all the aspect of this product before purchase. If the customer has any question about this product, can ask the question in the question system. All the complains or assumptions that the product will work in other way that is presented in the discription will not be accepted after the purchase it made.

Teurn July 2, 2018

can user message with message popup box in item page with redirect message page ?

calinbehtuk Author July 2, 2018

No. it no option for that. You have a button on item page that will make a redirect on send message page.

Teurn July 4, 2018

i mean popup message box like quikr.com without redirect message page

calinbehtuk Author July 4, 2018

No. You have no pop-up. The page for sending message is different from the item page.

Teurn November 11, 2018

can you add message form in item detail ? so it make user easy to send message without redirect to other page .

calinbehtuk Author November 11, 2018

From now we have no plan for this, maybe in the futures update this will be included.

Teurn November 11, 2018

please add change log for update version in product bro

calinbehtuk Author November 11, 2018

Please check the files before you ask for something that is already included.


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