Osclass Romanian Map

January 25, 2020 January 25, 2020
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Responsive Romanian map for Osclass, with interactive regions for the search page and colors options to fit your site color schema.

Options available for this plugin:

  • max-width of the map;

  • map color;

  • map hover color;

  • stroke color(the lines between areas);

  • stroke width;

  • responsive map;

The area from the map needs to be set from admin by clicking on each area and allocating the corresponding region. When the user will click on a region from the map the redirect is made on the search page where the results are filtered based on the region selected on the map.

This map is build using SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics), please consult the browser support for SVG, not all version of browsers will support this format.

HTML5 SVG => See support

The map is responsive and will adapt to users' screen resolutions, the interactive area on the map will work on small devices. Is possible that some additional style needs to be added, for your theme.

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