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March 17, 2019 March 22, 2019
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Osclass free maps plugin to display items locations on the map so the users can see the location and how to get there. The map will be displayed under the description for bender theme and any other theme that have on the base this Osclass theme.


This plugin needs the location hook to display the map, and no changes need to be done in theme if this hook is there. If you have no hook in your theme, you need to include this hook to display the map on the item page.


To use the plugin you need to create a developer account on developer MapQuest and you will get 15000 free requests per month with that account. If your site will generate more that amount you need to acquire a paid plan according to the number of requests. A request is made to store the coordinates on publishing and edit item, and every time a user visits the item page a request is made so the map will display the item location.

Create an account here: MapQuest

The item location needs to correct on publishing if no correct data is set the map location will not be accurate. The country, Region, City, and address need to be in a correct format so the marker from the map to be in the right place. Osclass has the right data for location but the address is added by the user, if the user adds the address in the wrong format the map will not display the correct location.

Enjoy your free maps plugin for Osclass.



Great plugin but does not work by spitoulakis, May 1, 2019

Hello, congratulations for your work and for this specific plugin. unfortunately it is not working with my theme ( veronika ). The hook is present but the map is not showing...( of course i followed your guide and before i filled the key in the back end from mapquest.)

should be a google map alternativ by superchris, December 12, 2020

.. but unfortunatly does'nt work with 4.2.0 or even 3.9 (bender theme, sigma theme)

letgo theme by Eduardo munoz, March 7, 2021

Unfortunately didnt work in ñetgo theme.

Plugin problem by kris koyk, January 3, 2022

I tried it on many issues but unfortunately it does not work.

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