Maps for Osclass with Mapbox

April 12, 2020 April 12, 2020
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Display the ad location on the map using Mapbox services for free. You will have 50000 free requests per months and if this is not enough you can get a paid plant base on your needs.

This plugin will display a map on item page so the user can see better the location of the ad. The marker from the map will display the exact location of the ad but only if the ad is published after this plugin is installed or edited with this plugin. The coordinates need to be saved using this plugin, so for old ads, the map will be displayed only if you edit the and to set the coordinates.

You have an extra option for this plugin that will display a map with multiple ads on that map and if you click on the marker from the map, a popup will be displayed with the information of that specific ad. The pop-up will contain the title, image, description and the price for that item.


- a map on item page with a marker for item location;

- a map with multiple items and short info for each item in a pop-up;


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