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November 22, 2018 September 3, 2019
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Build a nice looking newsletter with cbk newsletter plugin for osclass. This plugin will allow you to create a newsletter very easy by using drag and drop builder.

This plugin will allow you to add in the newsletter the following element using the drag and drop option:

  • Text

  • Image

  • Button

  • Change the title and background of the title

  • Divider to set a space between elements

  • Social links like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

  • Listings from osclass

  • Resend or duplicate a newsletter

  • Send newsletters to subscribers and osclass users, you can choose to send only to one or to all

  • Add subscriber from admin

  • New submission path for custom form, you can create a form in your theme, to match your theme style

  • Set default social links

  • Save users that unsubscribed, to see how many user unsubscribed from your newsletters

  • Stats for open email, click on links from email(tracking code need to be inserted) and unsubscribed user for each newsletter

  • A list with all users that open and click the email links

Schedule your newsletter to be sent from a specific date, or save as a draft to add new elements in the newsletter. Set the color scheme for the front widget to match your theme colors.

This plugin will use osclass cron to send emails to make sure that the cron is up and running.

If you set multiple newsletters the plugin will send the newsletters in the order, one at a time, and will pas to the next one after will finish with current one.

The subscription process needs to be confirmed by the user. Users will receive a confirmation email and only users that confirm the subscription will receive the newsletters.

From version 1.1.0 you can send a newsletter to osclass user also but take notice that osclass user has no option to unsubscribe, the unsubscribe option is only for users that subscribe to the newsletter using this plugin. Use this option carefully because the GDPR regulation doesn't allow you to send emails to users who did not choose to subscribe. This option is useful to send new rules or inform the user about new changes on the site that will affect the user.

The emails will have an HTML format with the elements added in each email template, the user will have options to unsubscribe in each email sent.

Emails are sent when the cron will run and you have options to set how many emails will be set one time. Use this option carefully, some hosting plans may have limitations or if you send too many email one time you will exceed the limits so is better to start with a lower number.

Once a user will unsubscribe, the record of this user will be removed from the database so the user will not be in the subscriber list anymore.

Along the way have included some new option that will store some stats for each newsletter, to see how many users open the email, clicked on links from email or unsubscribe because of a specific newsletter.
Take notice that some tracking code needs to be inserted for links. Items and buttons links have this code already included but if you add some other type of link this code needs to be at the end of each link to detect the clicks.

Enjoy this product and use your imagination to create beautiful HTML newsletters for osclass.

It's a great plug-in,good work by Remulus Coman, January 14, 2019

It's a great plug-in, I have not seen one so easy to handle, good work!

Get it by Aziz Almarshad, May 28, 2019

do not hesittate , worth every single penny..

Buen plugin by Daniel, October 18, 2020

Funciona perfectamente lo recomiendo

Tobechi Onyeka February 1, 2019

Pls it is possible to get this plugin to send mails to registered members instead of just subscribers If not , can custom work be done to improve on this function

calinbehtuk Author February 1, 2019

I think that you will have an issue if you do that. The new GDPR rules don't allow you to do that. Your users need to subscribe to your newsletters. Custom work can be done but is not included in the price of this plugin.

Aziz Almarshad May 28, 2019

hello , i just purchased this great plugin but is it possible to make it as a normal subscribe box in the main page ??? because i wanna make it responsive too and i dont wanna use the widget..

calinbehtuk Author May 28, 2019

You can use the subscribe page submission link. <?php echo osc_ajax_plugin_url('cbk_newsletter/ajax/ajax.php') . '&newsletter_case=subscribe'; ?> Check the file subscribe_page.php from include/components

Aziz Almarshad May 28, 2019

excellent , one more question sir how to make the roor message appears at the home page instead of taking the visitor to the subscribe page ???

calinbehtuk Author May 28, 2019

For the moment this is not possible, only with core changes, but I will pass this on the to-do list and I will include this option in the next update. So you can create your own subscription form.

Aziz Almarshad May 28, 2019

thank u very much for ur kindful support and time

calinbehtuk Author May 30, 2019

You can download the new version, and you will find the option that you need and much more.

Aziz Almarshad May 30, 2019

u r great and wish u all the best ... thank u very very much

Aziz Almarshad June 22, 2019

hello sir how can i modify the email template , what i mean is i wanna change the design of it because it interferes with my email template plugin...you know the blue .... because i didnt add any templates yet in the plugin and i wanna make it minimal..

calinbehtuk Author June 22, 2019

You cannot modify, all the style for the template is inline, and is hard to do, and follow parts, the parts are put together in different functions. The best solution is to remove the hook from the email template plugin so the emails will not be changed by that plugin if this plugin sends emails. Use osc_remove_hook function to do that.

Aziz Almarshad June 22, 2019

found it in the admin folder thanx sir

João Carrolo July 2, 2020

Hello sir.. One single question, in this plugin you can set the maximum mails sent by each hour??? This is an important mater because some hostings limits the number of email by hour.... Best regardd

calinbehtuk Author July 2, 2020


João Carrolo July 16, 2020

Dear Sir... I'm really interested in your newsletter plugin, is one of the best... I will phurcase this product for sure!!! My only question is, i use from another supplyer email template plugin, i realize your plugin already have a builtin in a templeate... So i can't use a newsletter template inside another template, is possible to use only newsletter plugin template, or use only the general emails template??? Best regards João

calinbehtuk Author July 17, 2020

HI! I think not! You may have some conflicts, you will have 2 HTML email template. The newsletter template in your HTML template, i don't think that this will look ok.

João Carrolo July 18, 2020

Hello... Just in your oppinion, there is no way to avoid for this plugin the usage of email template??? In your oppinion, what can be done??? Best regards

calinbehtuk Author July 18, 2020

I am not familiar with that plugin, depends about what hooks that plugin use. Maybe you can remove the actual hook that inserts the HTML templates in emails, but that cannot be sure. I can't give you a sure answer.

Daniel August 19, 2021

hello, in the Osclass Newsletter Plugin, would it be nice if you could add entire email lists with just one step? regards

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