Osclass Mail Log

August 22, 2018 March 9, 2019
293 3606

Track your osclass emails to check if the emails are sent by osclass script or to see if you have any other issue is on the mail server.

This plugin will store all the emails sent by osclass script so you can review the information or see if the email are well formatted.

You will see all the emails sent in the admin section where you will have options to delete or see the message content.

You can use this plugin to test the osclass script and see if the emails are sent or the email is correct.



downloaded by Denis Steele, March 19, 2019

I wanted this to see email, as my mail server is not working, I tried it on my test site a2hosting and great it works fine. I don't get the mail in my inbox , but can read details with mail log. But on my live site which i have the same mail server problem on JUSTHOST I installed the Mail Log and can see mail but cannot view the email.

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