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August 15, 2019 September 2, 2019
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Create a professional forum on Osclass platform with Cbk Forum plugin that will create a new page and keep the aspect of your site.

The plugin will give you multiple options to create and manage the forum in an most easy way.


Create categories that will group the boards based on different topics. Each category will have a title, description, icon(font-awesome-icon) and an option to allow the visitor to hide the boards from that category.

Create boards that will be group by the categories based on different topics. The boards will contain name, icon, description, and moderators, the boards will be set base on categories. The order of categories can be changed but you can't have subcategories, only main categories. The boards can be ordered and they can have sub-boards, but only until one level.

Options available in plugin:

  • categories and boards with the option to change the order;

  • each board can have a list of moderators;

  • icons for boards and categories;

  • new topics can be posted by users without an account if the admin allows this;

  • topics, replies, and media can behold for moderation by admin or moderators;

  • allow attachments in posts and set the allowed types of files;

  • restrict the view and download of attachments only for logged users;

  • resize the images on upload;

  • users can set an avatar, personal text, website, signature, in the forum;

  • options for user ranks and colors for rank;

  • email notification for admin on new topic or topic that needs moderation;

  • email notification for users on a new reply on his topic;

  • generate and send an sitemap with topics from your forum;

  • meta title and meta description for forum;

  • change color for buttons, categories, labels directly from plugin settings;

  • don't moderate topics and replies if the user exceed a number of posts;

  • save logs with edited posts to review edited messages;

And much more option that you can see if you visit our forum, build with the same plugin.


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