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December 28, 2020 December 28, 2020
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Cbk Cras plugin for Osclass is a plugin that will allow your users to post cars for sell on your site. More than 117 makes and 2127 models to cover almost all types of cars and if you see that something is missing, you can add manually more models and makes. You can set the types of cars that can be posted on your classified site like SUV, Sedan etc.

 After the installation you need to set the category for the plugin from plugin settings under the left plugin menu(Cbk Cars menu).

This plugin needs item_detail present in your item page(item.php), that hook will be used to display the information on the item page, so make sure that the hook is present in your file.

You have some filters on the search page that allows the user to filter based on make, model, type, transmission, and years of cars. If you want to translate the makes or model in other languages, you can just use the Osclass default translation file from the plugin. Add the makes and models in the language file and the translation for them. You have an article on our blog about the translation of osclass plugins and themes, you can use that article as an example of how to translate plugin and themes https://osclass.calinbehtuk.ro/blog/post/themes/translate-osclass-plugins-and-themes_p7.

Make your classified better by adding a special section for cars that will make your site navigation much easy for your users.

Cbk Cars by Alex, April 11, 2023

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kris koyk December 30, 2020

Will you put live demo?

calinbehtuk Author December 30, 2020

We have no demo for this plugin. All the options are displayed in the description and images.

kris koyk March 21, 2022

Make a video to show how it works

calinbehtuk Author March 22, 2022


Alex April 13, 2023

I am informed that the correction has already been introduced, for which I thank you very much. I recommend this plugin. PL - Informuję, że poprawka została już wprowadzona za co bardzo dziekuję. Polecam tą wtyczkę.

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