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April 13, 2019 April 13, 2019
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The best plugin to display items stats in Osclass user's dashboard, so they can see how many views each item has and the best views days with smart charts for views group by days an option to select the time interval for views.

Users will have a link in the dashboard for the items page and from there the user can see the stats for each item individually. The stats page will contain all the information of that item and options to select the time interval for the chart.

This plugin will add:

  • a page for all the items in user dashboard;

  • an individual page with items stats in user dashboard;

  • option to select the time interval for the chart;

  • a short preview on each item, like title, description, location, and images in the slider;

  • overview for admin for mot view 10 items and number of total, active, inactive and published today items;

  • stats to admin for each item;

  • a list of user items base of email, this is useful if the user is not registered on site, you can see all these user items grouped by email;

  • a list with the latest searches and the number of search for each element;

  • a list with users log in so the admin can keep track of latest user logins on the site;

  • a count with categories search;

  • stats for each category search based on days, how many searches were made in a specific category grouped by days;

To store the records for the latest search, this option needs to be active under Settings and Latest Searches, activate this option from Osclass settings.

 Every item will have a link in items table from admin and this link will go on the items stats page.

The categories count will store the number of searches made in that category base on days, and this will be displayed in a chart.

The link for Admin will be under the Statistics tab from admin dashboard Osclass.

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