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March 6, 2020 March 6, 2020
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Check the number of online users from your site, number of visits made by each user, real-time statistics and much more. If you need a plugin to handle the online status of your user Cbk Online is the perfect tool for you and your site.

The next options are available in this plugin:

  • display in real-time the number of online users from the site;

  • real-time refresh on every 10 seconds to display the number of users, without page refresh;

  • a list with the names, up and the last access time of the currently online users;

  • history with the number of online user per day with filter for the date to display the stats between specific dates;

  • history with the names of online user, and number of visits per day plus the filters for the date to display this info based on specific dates;

  • charts for total users registered on the site, active, inactive accounts;

  • you can display the total number of online user on the front site;

  • you can display the name of the online user on front site;

  • you have a helper to check if the user is online or not that can be used in front of the site;

  • a pop-up with the real-time users that can be accessed from the admin area to have quick access to real-time information about online users;

  • state with the number of visits for each user based on specific dates;

You have some info in help page about how to use the front functions to display if the user is online or not, to display the total number of online user or how to use the function that will return the names of online user with some extra info, like email IP, visits on that day.

You can set the number of seconds after the user will be considered offline, this option will affect only the front functions, the info displayed for real-time in the admin area is taken from the last 60 seconds and is refreshed on every 10 seconds.

If you want to display a list of the online user you need to set some style base on your theme and build the HTML code base on the example from the help page, you have some info that will help you to implement the options with your theme.

Excelent Plugin by João Carrolo, April 17, 2020

Excelent plugin....

Very satisfyed, please continue the good job :)

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