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September 25, 2019 October 13, 2019
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All the links related to the osclass market are removed. The admin panel should work much more smoothly. Changes are made only to functions that are related to the search of updates for plugins and themes. Some links are removed from the installation process, links to osclass site or promotions.

Make sure that you make a backup of your old files, and database before you upload this version.

You just need to replace the Osclass files in your Installation. If you made any changes in osclass core, you will lose those changes, so is better to not upload this version if you don't whan to lose the changes you made.


You can still download the standard version(The last version developed by Osclass Team) with all the links for market and function updates not removed. 


Osclass 3.8.0



Production sites by João Carrolo, October 4, 2019

This update of osclass core is ready for production sites???

Best regards

NetAnunt by seby, November 5, 2019

cel mai bun developer osclass

eroare by Tureac Georgian, January 20, 2020

Salut , nu se pot urca poze mai mari da eroare . am facut si un mail cu eroarea !

João Carrolo October 4, 2019

I think i posted in wrong section :) The question is the following is the version ready for production sites???? Kept the good work! Best Regards

calinbehtuk Author October 4, 2019

Yes. You can use the new version, the only change that is made is on market links and requests.

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