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Unable to Prevent Spam Registration Osclass Sites

Started by muratbora, June 3, 2020, 2:45 pm

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Unable to Prevent Spam Registration Osclass Sites;
Dear friends, please help me, I am getting crazy! as you see attachment, I can not stop spam registrations on Osclass web sites.
What is causing this? I have installed all of osclass spam & captchta plugins. It did not stopped.

Currently I am using Osclass core Spam and bots section. I have added Google captcta code. But still I receive a rainy spam registration ( 200- 300 registrations every day ).



Normaly as human when you try to register without skipping Captchta answer, site gives error and you can not proceed.
But how I receive those rainy spam registrations than?
What could be reason?
I really want to remove Osclass. Please advice me how I can solve this?

For test propose I have removed " user-register.php " from hosting and it is still registering spam users. I see on dashboard.

How it is possible without user-register.php file those spam bots can register on Osclass site?

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Check for PHP errors.
Don't use multiple spam plugins. The default option from Osclass is enough.
I see that you have some extra fields on the registration page and a lot of changes there. Nobody can really help you if they do not know what is there.
Use only one option for spam.
Deactivate plugins and see if you get new spam accounts.
Reupload osclass files.
Check your files from plugin or themes for malicious code.

I can tell you for sure that osclass spam protection is enough, and is working in 99% of cases.

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I did not make a change. It is SHOPCLASS theme specification. I do not use multiple spam plugin same time. I just tried one by one.

Currently I use Osclass spam protection, I changed theme, I reuploaded new Osclass files into /oc-admin/ and oc-includes / folders. 

I have disabled all plugins. 

But no solution. Every minutes I receive spam register.

By the way, as test propose, under site I opened a "test" folder. I have installed fresh Osclass there.

As soon as installation completed, spam registration also started into " test " folder site.

How this is possible?

If I give you DIRECTADMIN and Dashboard passwords, can you please check what is causing this?


My site is the proof that the built-in function is working fine. I have no issue with unwanted accounts, only if a human will try to make multiple accounts but even this will be stop by some filters made by me.
I can't tell you what is your issue, even with oc-admin access.

You cannot overwrite the core function only if you made some changes in the files or you have some plugin that is doing that.
Google Recaptcha will stop 99% from bad requests if it is not a human. Check your Recaptcha dashboard and see what stats you have there.

I gave to you all the information I could give you in the first message.

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