How to install osclass

You can install Osclass in 2 ways, by uploading the files in your root folder on your site, or directly from cPanel if your hosting provider has this option. 

Install Osclass directly from cPanel

Depends on the hosting provider you can find in the cPanel the Softaculous Apps Installer and here you will have multiple options to install different types of scripts.

Go in softaculous installer and search for Osclass. You will have multiple options like chose the domain if you have multiple domains, site name, the installation folder. Most important is the installation folder, chose this carefully if you have other script installed in the root, the login credentials for your site and the database credentials.  Fill all the fields and install the script, everything with just one click.

Install Osclass by uploading the files in the root folder

You need an FTP client to upload the Osclass files in your root directory. After you upload the files access your site address and start the installation.


Run the install=>


You have to create a database and a user for that database in cPanel, add the credential for the database and the user.  Go in cPanel, MySQL Databases, fill the fields to add a new database and a new user, and add a user to the database. Don't forget to remember the credentials for the newly created user.

Fill the information for the admin account and the site email and title

The installation is ready and you can log in to Osclass admin.



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