Edit files from your site with FileZilla and Notepad++

Filezilla is an FTP Client that allows you to transfer files between two computers and in our case, we will use to download, upload or change files from our server.

Notepad++ is a code editor that supports several languages and we will use to edit our files downloaded with FileZilla.

All this action can be done also from CPanel but this option is much easier due to the fact that notepad++ will highlight the code in different colors and will be easy to understand in that way.

Download FileZilla

Download Notepad++

Install both programs, by following the installation steps.  Set in FileZilla Notepad++ as default editor so every file that you edit directly from FileZilla will be open with Notepad++.

FileZilla Edit=> Settings=> File editing=> Select Use custom editor=> Browse the path to the editor => Check Always use default editor.

Now you have to create an FTP account in cPanel by accessing the FTP Account tab filing all the fields and create the account, but remember to store the password for that account, we need that password in FileZilla.  If you have trouble in creating the account you can submit a support ticket to your hosting provider to assist you with this step.

Open Filezilla and fill the Host that most often will be your site address, Username that will be the username set when you create the FTP account, and the Password that also you set when you create the account.

Click Quickconnect and you should end up in your site root directory if all the credentials are correct. Right click on a file and select View/Edit to edit a file from your site.  Navigate in the folder public_html, this will contain all the files from your site and here you will have your script installation. When you change a file in the editor you have to allow the FileZilla to upload the changes to the server, if this action is not allowed the changes will not be visible on your site because the changed file was not uploaded.



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