Change price format in Osclass

You can change the price format in osclass under Languages by editing each language if you have multiple languages active on your site and if not just edit the main language or active language of your site.

Go to Settings => Languages => Edit your Language and you will find 3 fields for that language that is related with the price :

Currency format where you can set how the currency is displayed, in front or after the price ;

Number of decimals where you can set how many decimals will be after the separator;

Decimal point that is the separator for the decimals;

Currency format

{NUMBER} {CURRENCY} - you have two variables in this field that can be moved to display the currency after or in front of the price.

{NUMBER} {CURRENCY} -  will display 100.00 Euro 

{CURRENCY} {NUMBER} -  will display  Euro € 100.00

Number of decimals

This will be a number and will set how many decimals you will have after the price, like 2 for 2 decimals => 5,40.

If the user will add only 5 in the price field the system will include two zeros after the price, this will be according to the settings applied to the decimal field for each language.

So 5 from price field on post item will be 5,00 after the item is published.

Decimal point

This can be a dot or other character and will separate the price by the decimals like 5,40.


To edit the Currency you have to go in Settings => Currencies => Edit your currency.

Here you can change the text that appears after the price or in front of the price by editing each currency.



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